Lightstim Handheld LED available at Coco Ruby Skin Clinic Melbourne

Lightstim is a handheld LED light therapy device that you can use at home to help improve your skin, reduce pain  or improve scar healing. The Lightstim devices can be used to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by nourishing the skin from within. The devices also may help relieve arthritis pain, muscle pain as well as joint pain by increasing local blood circulation.

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About Lightstim

Lightstim is a high quality, easy to use, hand-held device that combines the benefits of therapeutic light with patented, very bright LEDs. Lightstim’s Therapeutic Light Energy, FDA Cleared, Multi-Wave Patented Technology, Professional Strength Treatments and Targeted UV-Free LED Light Therapy is perfect for at-home treatment.

There is a Lightstim for Wrinkles and a different version – Lightstim for Pain relief

We strongly recommend our in-clinic Healite II LED treatment for skin & scars supplemented by using a Lightstim use at home.

Lightstim for Wrinkles LightStim For Wrinkles on Cocoruby Skin Clinic

Turn the clock backwards and give your skin the love it deserves! Lightstim eliminates fine lines, wrinkles and gives you a youthful appearance by offering nourishment from within. Each of the devices uses different wavelengths and colours and cater to different issues. The light energy treats the skin and gives you a plump, youthful look.


  • Professional Strength

The professional strength of LightStim LED Light Therapy devices have been used and recommended by skin care experts, spas, dermatologists and aestheticians worldwide. You can also get the same effect within the comfort of your own home.

  • FDA Cleared 

LightStim for Wrinkles is approved by the FDA. You can use it to treat wrinkles on the entire face; forehead, laugh lines, crow’s feet and even lips.

  • Clinically Proven Results

Clinical studies have been done by the FDA. In these studies, 100% of participants showed significant improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles after using it for 8 weeks.

  • Lasts a Lifetime

LightStim comes with a five-year warranty. Users don’t have to worry about maintenance, cartridges, LED and battery replacement.

  • Patented Technology

It uses advanced NASA’s LED technology. It emits multiple wavelengths to give you a wrinkle-free, clear and radiant complexion.

  • LEDs are Therapeutic

LED means Light Emitting Diode. It is a tiny computer chip in a glass. Each wavelength (light) has its unique benefits. It is a non-invasive, painless and does not require any recovery time. For wrinkles, LightStim has 72 LEDs of Amber, Light Red, Dark Red and Infrared.

LightStim for Pain

You can relieve your aching muscles by using Lightstim for pain. The device helps to soothe your tired muscles, aches and pains. It helps to increase blood circulation and promotes faster recovery. It is also immensely beneficial for joint and muscle pain. It is completely safe and easy to use within the comfort of your own home.


  • Professional Strength

LightStim LED light therapy devices are used by doctors, health care, and wellness professionals worldwide. Their products have been in the market for nearly two decades and help you self-treat at home.

  • FDA Cleared

LightStim for Pain is cleared by FDA which helps to relieve arthritic pain, minor aches and pains, relax muscles and boost the blood circulation in your body. It can be used to treat post-workout aches as well as sports injuries, backaches, arthritis and stiffness.

  • Proven Results

It is a non-invasive and chemical free treatment. Numerous studies have been done and all of them have shown zero side effects. That is the reason it is being used by thousands of medical professionals use it to heal pain and aid the natural recovery process.

  • Lasts Lifetime 

Unlike professional therapies, massages (which are important in their own right), LightStim Led light therapy device will last you a lifetime. It comes with a five-year warranty.

  • MultiWave Patented Technology

Advanced technology emits multiple wavelengths of light that work together to boost the blood circulation that boosts the body’s inherent pain-relieving process.

  • Therapeutic Impact 

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which provides unique therapeutic benefits. Using it at home is very easy. It is non-invasive, painless and requires no recovery time. LightStim for Pain has 72 LEDs of Light Red, Dark Red, Infrared and Deep Infrared.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use LightStim twice a day?

  • Yes, it is recommended to use these devices twice a day. It is advised to hold the light on each affected area for up to three minutes. The FDA-approved light is safe enough to be used twice a day until you achieve the desired results.

Can LightStim hurt eyes? muscle relaxant solution Smooth skin using latest treatments

  • No LightStim will not hurt your eyes as long as you protect them properly. It is advised to use FDA cleared masks along with blackout goggles to keep your eyes protected. It is a general protocol that must be followed before using any kind of light therapy.

Can red light therapy cause sunburn?

  • No, red light therapy does not cause sunburn. It uses low heat levels which will not harm your skin. It is in no way similar to the red lights used in tanning booths which harm your skin with the UV exposure.

Can you overuse LightStim?

  • Using it LightStim handheld devices twice a day is enough. It is advised to continue with the same treatment schedule until you have achieved the desired results. Make it a part of your regular skincare routine. It is no different than using your moisturizers and serums. The LightStim products are very gentle and won’t harm your skin at all.

Does home LED light masks work?

  • LED light masks stimulate collagen production and kill bacteria on your skin. However, it is important to realise that they are not a replacement for your regular skincare routine. They are often less effective than the procedures done in the dermatologist’s office.

Do LED facial massagers work?

  • Yes, LED Light therapy is a safe treatment for several skin conditions and relieving pain. The effectiveness of a product is also dependent on the brand and how well-curated it is. They usually work for people as long as you don’t expect a 100 per cent improvement.

Does LED light reduce wrinkles?

  • Yes, LED light reduces wrinkles by boosting collagen production. It makes your skin appear smooth, plump and gorgeous. Moreover, it boosts blood circulation and reduces inflammation as well.

Does LightStim cause hyperpigmentation?

  • No, it does not cause hyperpigmentation. It helps treat hyperpigmentation. It improves skin texture, treats spots, and promote vibrant, healthier-looking complexion and skin.

Does LightStim work for acne?

  • Yes, it works wonders for your skin. The wavelengths of LightStim nourishes your skin from within and gives it a youthful, radiant look. This easy to use device calms down existing blemishes and eliminates acne-causing bacteria which prevents further breakouts.

Does LightStim work for pain?

  • The light energy emitted by LightStim increases blood circulation and reduces pain. Moreover, it boosts the healing process of your skin, relives muscle aches, stiffness and joint pain.

Does red light therapy help with acne scars?

  • Yes, light therapy promotes skin healing and minimizes acne scars. Its anti-inflammatory properties work deep under the skin surface to soothe and repair the skin.

Does red light therapy help wrinkles?

  • Yes, red light boosts the production of collagen and gives your skin a plump look. It eliminates fine lines, wrinkles and dead skin cells, making your skin look and feel younger.

Does red light therapy kill bacteria?

  • Yes, red light therapy kills bacteria and helps you get rid of acne as well.

Does the LightStim work?

  • Yes, LightStim works effectively for wrinkles, acne and pain. It is advised to use these devices twice a day until desired results are achieved. After that, use as directed by your skin care expert.

How do you clean a LightStim?

  • Cleaning a LightStim is very easy. Simply wipe off the LED bulbs with alcohol wipes or simply add some rubbing alcohol onto cotton pads and wipe it clean. Store it in a dry place. Make sure that the device is not exposed to sunlight.

How do you use LightStim for wrinkles?

  • Using LightStim for wrinkles is a simple two-step process. Close your eyes and place the light on your skin gently (on the area where you want to focus). After thirty seconds, the light will beep, its sign to move to the next area until the desired surface region is cover. Clean the device with rubbing alcohol and store it in a dry place. Repeat twice a day.

How many minutes should I use red light therapy?

  • Apply it 3 minutes at a time to one particular area, twice a day to see prominent results.

How many times a week should I use my LED mask?

  • You can use the LED mask 3 times in a week at most and keep the time limit to 20 minutes per session.

How much is a LightStim?

  • Each lightStim product differs in price. LightStim for pain and wrinkles will cost you $289.

How often can you use LightStim?

  • You can use LightStim twice a day.

Is it safe to use red light therapy every day?

  • Yes, LightStim light therapy is designed to ensure the complete safety of users. You can use it every day without worry.

What gets rid of acne?

  • While light therapy can work wonders for your acne, it is important to determine the root cause behind it; hormones, allergies, skincare that doesn’t suit you etc. Once the cause is determined, your aesthetician can proceed accordingly.

What colour LED light is best for sleeping?

  • Based on research, red light is the most conductive to sleep. It greatly reduces depressive symptoms in people as compared to blue and white light.

What is LightStim treatment?

  • LightStim is a therapeutic light energy treatment that uses specific light energy technology to minimize wrinkles, boost blood circulation, and treat mild to moderate acne. Each LightStim uses different wavelengths/colours which are UV free and extremely beneficial for health and wellness.

What is the best anti-aging device?

  • LightStim for wrinkles is the best anti-aging device in the market.

What is the best at home LED light therapy?

  • LightStim is the best LED Light Therapy to be used at home. It is completely safe to use, free from UV rays and shows prominent results within a few weeks of usage.

What is the difference between LightStim for wrinkles and LightStim for pain?

  • Both LightStim for Pain and LightStim for Wrinkles has 72 Lights each but use a different combination. LightStim MultiWave patented technology combines 4 wavelengths of Light. There is some crossover, but each device is better focused on each task, so one would only experience minor skin rejuvenation from LightStim for Pain and vice versa.

Which LED light is best for wrinkles?

  • Red light is the best light to treat wrinkles as it promotes collagen production, reducing wrinkles and giving it a plump effect.

Will it work for me?

  • It is not a moisturizer or another cream you bought from the drugstore that will work for one person but will not work for others and vice versa. It is based on science and inside out approach. The question you should be asking is how long will it take to work for me? On average, it will take 2 months to start witnessing actual results.

Can I use my existing skincare product along with using LightStim for wrinkles?

  • Absolutely yes, you can keep using your existing skincare routine with ease. You can even apply LightStim after you have applied your skincare products. However, it is advised to avoid using products that create dryness. Any products containing benzoyl peroxide and Retin A should be applied after using the LED light.

How long does the device last?

  • LightStim is designed with high-end components and it will last you a lifetime. LED lights will not need to be replaced. If you experience any problem, the device comes with a five-year warranty which you can use anytime in case of inconvenience.

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