Skin Conditions & Treatments in Melbourne

Your skin health tends to reflect your overall health as the body’s largest organ.

Skin Conditions treated by the Coco Ruby team include:

Professionalism and Integrity

Coco Ruby Skin Clinic was founded within the medical setting of Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery and top Melbourne Plastic Surgeon Dr Craig Rubinstein. The clinic is equipped with laser and light systems that have scientific evidence to effectively and safely deliver results. Our Nurses and Dermal Clinicians are University qualified. They keep up to date with industry standards and the latest trends by attending regular conferences and seminars, ensuring you receive professional and sound advice.

At Coco Ruby Skin Clinic,  our focus is on you. We believe that listening to and understanding your expectations is the most important step.

The Coco Ruby Clinicians pride themselves on professionalism and integrity.

Your Consultation begins with a thorough assessment of your lifestyle and skin health. We use the latest Canfield Reveal Facial Imaging System to help identify the unique pigment signatures of red and brown components as well as the lines and wrinkles.


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If you would like to improve your skin health, please send us an enquiry form or schedule an appointment using the contacts below.


How to Book your Initial Skin Health Consultation

  • Email us or Call on (03) 8849 1400 to arrange your consultation appointment.
  • Book a consultation with CocoRuby’s Aesthetic Physician, Nurse Injector or Dermal Clinician.

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